Ultimate Guide to reading pirated manga.


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EDIT: **To those who join tachiyomi discord. Stop asking why x mangasite isn't working in the chat server. Check STATUS UPDATES. and then if that doesn't answer your question check #support**

I should mention at least once. That if you can pay for a manga you should. Viz, Kodansha, Yen Press, Seven Seas. These are all licensing companies. They all have links in which you can buy from. https://www.comixology.com/Manga Or you can just buy straight from comixology.

Due to issues for linking i shall not be linking any site. I apologize for that.

#Reading Online

**MangadexDOTorg (fastest Updates)**

Why: Well for one 98% scantalators upload on this site. When you see aggregate sites get an update thats because they took it from this site. Now morality and all that blah blah blah. But this site does have the fastest updates. However because they allow for scantalators to upload or not some decide not to. Which is perfectly understandable. But you should know that some manga will not be uploaded on this site. It also will not upload any official translation of manga.

**Mangasee123DOTcom or Manga4lifeDOTcom (official rips)**

This site actually uploads official rips of manga. so its 110% illegal but it has the highest quality. Now because its meant to be a streaming manga reading site. The offical rips by kodansha or viz or what not actually have been downscaled. Now if you do read it of course you won't notice a major difference unless you have a 4k monitor but yes the difference is there. As for as speed. It is slower than normal. Some chapters can take up to a week (official). But overall if quality is your main point than this is the one. Both sites are controlled by the same person.


Yaoi stuff. Basically this has a lot of LGBT stuff. So if you can't find the gay rape manga this one will probably have it.

**Literally any aggregate site**

Mangakakalot, mangapark, fanfox whatever etc. These rip aggressively and do not care about quality. There library but there quality is horrible. If an april fools chapter is uploaded it will remain there forever.

**Android: Tachiyomi**

Tachiyomi. Im sure you heard of it. Its free its on github. It doesn't host manga. Instead it lets you use the extensions you want to use. On mobile quality is variable. So you can just decide to do whatever you want. Also you can search on all the extensions you have downloaded. There are also 2 main versions. Tachiyomi and Tachiyomij2k. Essentially j2k has more features but honestly you will find the vanilla tachiyomi completely satisfactory.

**IOS: Paperback**

Paperback is meant to be the IOS version for Tachiyomi. It supports mangadex only right now. But it will support more sites as further updates occur. If you cannot download it. Try there discord server.

EDIT: Paperback has a testflight version avaible on there discord. Since there are some issues. Check there discord server.

#Offline reading.

**Android: Tachiyomi**

**IOS: Paperback**


**Programs to use**

Personally i use Opencomic reader. It supports long strip which is really all i want. An offline continuous scrolling comic reader


First of all you will find official rips on Nyaa. Many people not just people like danke and Lucaz, upload official rips. They are original quality and these exact rips are uploaded on mangasee. Just on lower quality over there. There are also fan scan compilers like Ov3r, Oppai_sensei, Pajeet. all great.


4chan type site or whatever. Either way search the ENGLISH name and look through the pages. You'll find direct links or mega links for the site. Which is very useful When the torrent on nyaa is out of seeders.


Non illegal site. For manga so you can post links for this. It includes *some* official rips but really its more of fan scantalations that have been compiled. Very good site.


Directly download from a manga site of your choosing.


Mangaupdates is an information site for scantalation so when you ask if x manga has been fully done check this site. its a very useful site and very simple to use.