My Read and Want to Read list :P :)

Killing Stalking4/5first manhwa i read 0.0psychological, dark, twisted, Violent
BJ alex5/52nd couple thoooCute, Drama, smut
Heesu in Class 25/510/10 NO OTHER RATING IS ALLOWED PLS I LOVE THEM I JUST WANT WHAT THEY HAVE GOD WHENNNNNNNNN PLSslice of life, Cute, school life, student x student
Umibe no Etranger3/5ngl it was kinda confusing and i has to reread each chapter to understand,, i hope the anime adaptation is good/easier for me to understand;; update: the movie was super cute,, they left out the cell phone problem but it was still cute regardless,, also CATS TTOrphan, reencounter
K's secret3/5
Royal Servant4/5
Haikyu!! Dj - Saraba Yo, Sarabai kinda sped though this so idk what to say or what to rate it sorry
If You Hate Me So5/59.6/10 but rounds to 10/10 bc its a tad questionable/confusing at first but when you get into it its so goodPossessive lover
Sign5/510/10 cutest shit evercute, Deaf, adorable
Cover Up4/5
Here U Are5/510/10 in everyway possible. totally did not cry while reading it at one pointschool life, slice of life, university students, cute
Painter of the Night4/5 ~ongoing~okay OKAY chapter 74 and we are finally getting somewhere,, i approve YUHHistorical, smut
Love Is An Illusion5/510/10 bc BYULCute, Omegaverse
Yarichin ☆ Bitch Club4/5 ~ongoing~the anime did it so wrong, justice for ybcsmut, bully
The Fifth Encounter4/5 ~ongoing~heart been broke too many timessss TTInteresting, Suicidal, Failed Suicide
A Guy Like You4/57/10; it was eh but had cute parts and ended on a cute note :) also the antagonist was bonkersCute, dreams
False Memories4/58/10 it was cute but i felt it was too short :(Student x Student, Cute, Memory loss
Story of Our Lives3/57/10 idk bro it was interesting but it didnt seem like there was a lot of love ykghost
Four-way Stop4/58/10 bc i cant remember names and faces,, the ending was cute tho TT happy for them owostudent x student, school life, Love triangle, College
Dream Away5/510/10 THEY WERE SO CUTEEEE ,, also i want to see where the second pair of friends (couple mayhapss??) end up as, spin-off WHENstudent x student, Cute, Premonition, slice of life, adorable, College

Want to Read:
Blood Linkongoing123
Love Shuttleongoing61
All About Lustongoing79
Hate Matecomplete43.7
Lover Boycomplete77
Window to Windowcomplete41.5
Sex Dropcomplete5
Pink Heart Jamdropped by author1
Cherry Blossoms After Winterongoing136
Till Our Lips Touchcomplete64
Path to Youcomplete49
At the End of the Roadcomplete57.11
Yours to Claimongoing48
Hotel Phrynecomplete48
Room to Roomcomplete50
Dangerous Convenience Storeongoing24
19 Daysongoing352
I Like Youcomplete48
Peach Lovecomplete64
Unripened Expressioncomplete70
The Story About You x Mecomplete87
Last Paradisecomplete50
I will be waiting for you in 1999complete34
Voice of Lovecomplete36
Guang Xiangcomplete39
Gunjou no Subetecomplete6
Dress Him Upcomplete24
Starting With a Liecomplete63
Kazoku ni Nattemimasenka?complete6
A Shoulder to Cry Oncomplete30
Harukaze no Etrangerongoing20
Behind The deskcomplete62
Dare demo Iikara Daitekukre Uke ni bakari Moteru Bijin Fukukaichou-sama no Junanongoing4
Body Complexcomplete38
Roommate 101complete55
Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!!complete12
Kimi wa Natsu no Naka ->
Kimi to Natsu no Naka ->
Kimi wa Natsu no Naka dj
complete7 ->
5 ->
Penthouse XXXcomplete44
Don't Cry, Sunbae!ongoing6
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