How To Decode/Convert Any Translation Into UwU Speak! Easy Guide

Every come across an infuriatingly Moe Character who says "Owostriwitch" and they're trying to say "Osteoporosis" instead of "Ostrich"? 😓
(Yeah, we've all been there at some point.)

Well then! What if I told you there was a simple method to deciphering UwU speak?
Follow my guide for more!

Part 1: Deciphering the UwU speak

Most of UwU speak replaces certain Letters with Either "W" or "U"
Sometimes, even "Y" is added after a letter.

So how does one clear this up?

Well, it's simple all you need is a very simple tool which most of you must already have.

How exactly does Notepad help ?

Well, lets start by decoding/trying to clear up a bit of the UwU speak using notepad

As you can see, it turns an UwUed ICT assignment and decodes it into sanity.
However there are some noticeable drawbacks. For example the highlighted "rhy" is actually supposed to be "why"
And similarly, "which" turns into "rhich"
However that can be very easily fixed with some proofreading.

Most of UwU speak usually follows this pattern

"N + <Vowel>" = "Ny + <Vowel>" (e.g. No = Nyo)

"R" -> "W"

"Ove" -> "Uv"

And add an UWU after every "!"

So the best way to decode it is to reverse engineer the formula

<Vowel>- N

"W" -> "R"

"Uv" -> "Ove"

And make sure to Delete the UwU after every "!"

So that's how you can decipher your UwU speak!

Part 2: UwUing the Speak

Now that we figured out how to Decode the UwU speak, UwUing it shall be an easy task!


There we go!
An entire UwUed test
Make sure to hand it in for the *extra* marks.

Hopefully you won't be expelled. Joke Joke.