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    The 2000 Most Frequently Used Korean Nouns by Neri and TinyDharla

    The 2000 Most Frequently Used Korean Nouns by Neri and TinyDharla The right way to study is "a) try your best to recall the word's meaning then b) check the answer". NOT "a) see the word and b) see the answer". 1. people– 사람들 ..... salamdeul 2. time – 시간 ..... sigan 3. year – 년 ..... nyeon 4...
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    Warning about Malware from Clickjacking and Pop-up Ads

    @everyone do note the current situation with batoto website atm. Sourced from Sawa Scans: I know people don't like everyone pings, but this is serious as serious gets for those who read manga consistently on popular MD alternative and official rip hoster For your own online safety, I...
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    Earth's Location in the *Entire* Universe -- Outer Space Explained

    Solar System The Sizes are accurate: And these are the Accurate "Distances": Like Also, the Solar System doesn't end at Pluto, it looks like this: That's the solar system, and that yellow circle in the middle is Pluto's orbit KBOs = Stands for "Kuiper Belt Objects" -...
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    Click "Post Thread" to create your very own thread!

    First create a Manhwas forum account Go to Click "Post Thread" to create your very own thread and Mangago reading list!
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    TIP: How to remove "Click to expand" for QUOTES so the entire quote shows in a post? (No more "Click to Preview")

    How do you remove the, "Click to expand" for quotes so the entire quote shows in a post? ANSWER: Instead of using USE
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    Crazy Poems I found on the internet

    Post some crazy poems you found and maybe a short summary at the bottom so people who don't understand the poem would know what it means. You can be wrong in the summary.
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    RHS's Comprehensive TypeSetting Guide (re-hosted version from Fallen Syndicate's rehost)

    Typesetting Tutorial This tutorial was written by RHS, a group whose website is now dead. However, I think their tutorial is still very good. -Ruka Update: I fixed all the images. Now this is the re-hosted version from Fallen Syndicate's rehost — Typesetting introduction The...
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    How to make a Bleach Wiki Page

    Step 1) Go here Step 2) Step 3) Step 4) Step 5) {{Property|Yunu}} TYPE INFO BOX HERE. TYPE CHARACTER DESCRIOTION HERE. ==Appearance== A description of what your characters not only looks like, but how they dress. Physical...